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Buyers and Sellers of condos

There is a lot to know about buying a condominium! The most important things are the bylaws, Home owner association fees, how you hold title, parking restriction and if your condo is FHA loan eligible. Along with the HOA fees you need to know what exactly they are paying for monthly. Not all condos are FHA loan approved. That is something that we search out to see if they qualify because many buyers are using FHA for a loan.

Buyers and Sellers of condos

Home Sellers

The selling of your home can be a very anxious time in your life. You have lived in a neighborhood forever and now you are thinking about selling. You may have run out of space with your growing family or just the opposite, you are looking for less space and downsizing. Either way it is our job to tell you the value of your home, list it for sale, get an offer and negotiate the offer with your best interest always first! We are always with our clients from the beginning of the sale until the end of the sale....

Home Sellers

Town Homes

Townhomes are considered attached housing just as condos are but many times you hold title to them a bit differently. Many times, you own the lot surrounding them. There are a few other differences but not confusing again to a seasoned realtor!

Town Homes

Mortgage Brokers

As a realtor we are not financial advisors or attorneys and are not supposed to practice as though we are, but we do know many of them and recommend some that we have worked with in the past with our clients. This is a list of our recommended Mortgage brokers: Helen Toal

American Portfolio Mortgage

Phone: Office: 847-960-7300   cell 815-236-3788
www.helene@goapmc.com     Joe Dziewulski

Fairway Independent  Mortgage Corporation 

Direct: 224-558-2020 joe.dziewulski@fairwaymc.com

Mortgage Brokers

Best Home Inspectors In Lake Geneva, WI

Recommended Rich Ninow 847-338-2301

White Glove Home Inspections LLC

Jim Bouffiou 262-939-0824

Home Inspectors



Hal Stinespring / Stinepring and Associates


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